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Microsoft Exchange 2003 advanced Routing techniques based on email address

We currently utilize Exchange 2003 on a Dell 6650 (Quad Processor) with 8Gig RAM.  We are about to launch a marketing campaign, which will result in between 10,000 and 20,000 responses in four to five day period.  These responses will be accompanied by a 2Mb attachment.  Would anyone know of a technique based on a specific email address reroute messages out of exchange?  The marketing department will not allow us to use a different domain for responses  it must remain example@company.com.  There will be no benefit to the organization to keep these messages in Exchange long term, the window of value is extremely limited so our approach was to reroute these message to an OPEN Source SMTP, which can save off the attachments to a file system on the SAN.  

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