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Autodiscover functions and SSL certificates

This is more advise based- a customer has a fully working Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 system for about 1 year now.
However, it seems that the AutoDiscover function is not working properly, this was discovered when we tried to use Out Of Office.
The problem I think has been caused by the fact that there is not a valid SSL certificate on their system. This was disabled by Microsoft when they "helped" solve a problem with using Windows Mobile to access the emails.
The external users access mail via OWA with the prefix http:// 
The customer is soon to be buying lots of new hardware for internal and external staff so I would like to get this solved soon.
My question is- is it best practice to buy an SSL certificate from a reputable source? If that is done what is the best way to sort the problem with AutoDiscover to work with the new certificate? Or is there another way to correct these problems?
Many thanks
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Thanks, do you think it is worth creating a self signed certificate to sort out teh current problems, or would a purchased one be more effective in the long run?
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A self signed certificate works ok, but unfortunatly with internet explorer the certificate would need installing on each client PC for full functionality.

Why dont you try a free certificate for a trial period of 90 days from Comodo

I have used these and they work ok and are very easy to verify and create.
will do, i dont have any issues telling my customer to buy one, just want to make sure whatever i recommend is the best thing to do.