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Ldap connections. How do they work?

Network: Netware 6.5
We have a HP digital sender that connects to our Novell network using ldap.
The user logs into the device and then can send files to thier folder.
Recently, what has been happeneing is the user will login and scan thier first doc then the DS will as if you would like to remain signed in. The user selects yes because they have more to scan but the DS logs them out with a auth timeout error and after that noone can login until I restart the DS service running on a Windows XP box.
I have found if the user selects no and then logs in again there is no problem.
At the time this was happening we had 1 license available. This led me to believe that when the user selects Yes to remain loged login
that it actually creates another licesed connection.
Am I correct? is there a ldap setting that I'm missing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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