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Can't publish custom form to organizational forms library

In an effort to reduce the paper pushing and automate some of the simple day-to-day processes, I am starting to create forms that can be used in Outlook.
We are running Exchange Server 2003. My Outlook client is 2007.

I created a new check request form from  "message" in "Standard Forms Library" and want to publish it to the Organizational Forms Library for all users to access.

When I select "Publish form as" and select "Organizational Forms Library", give it a display name and form name, and click "Publish" I get the following error:

"Cannot publish the form because of a MAPI error. The operation failed."

I click "OK" and then "Publish" again, and get a different error: "Cannot publish the form because of a MAPI error. You do not have permission to create a message in this folder".

I have given myself permission;  I logged onto our Exchange server as Adminsitrator, opened the Exchange System Manager, expanded Administrative Groups, expanded Folders,  right clicked Folders and selected View System Folders. I then clicked on EFORMS REGISTRY and right clicked "Organization Forms" in the right pane. I added my username (not Administrator) to the Client Permissions list giving my username "Author" authority. I clicked apply and ok.  I also tried giving my username Owner authority, but it did not help.
I continue to get the two error messages above.

Did I miss a step?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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