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set value for textfield in a adp project

It is the first time I use an adp project (access 2003 front-end and sql server 2000) and I have a lot of suprises, because things I normaly did in Access, does not work anymore :

eg In the OnOpen event of a form, I regulary set the value for a textfield on the form
say txtfield (bound to a table) is txtUserName.
Then I set this as follows:
Me.txtUserName = gbl_UserName  
(where gbl_UserName is a global that is initiated at start-up)
Me.txtUserName = "Bill"
This to avoid that users need to enter this value.
When I try this in my adp project, I get an errror "you can't assign a value to this object....."

I would be very pleased if someone could tell me how I can solve this problem.

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft SQL Server

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )

Perhaps your form, or the table/query driving the form, are not updateable? What did you base this form on? IN SQL Server, all tables must have a Primary Key in order to be updateable ...

The form is based on a table that has a primary key:
FunctioID of typ Unique Identifier, a foreign key PlantID, FunctionDescription and four fields CreationUser, CreationDate, ModifUser and Modif Date.
Actually, I want via the form that the user only need to fill out the FunctionDescription, and set automatically the other fields.
Because  PlantID is different for people of different plants, I cannot use the default value in the table, and also the CreationUser is changing of course.
Because these values are set on login through global variables in my access front-end, I wanted these to put in the fields of the form.  And there it goes wrong......            

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