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Booting to BIOS

To make a long story short, I am trying to downgrade my laptop from Vista to XP - most of my questions have been answered, but where I am stuck is that my laptop is not finding my hard drive when I try to boot from the CD.

Here is the stage where I am stuck:

"Most likely your system is simply accessing the drive in AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) mode.   Boot to the BIOS, find the hard drive access method ... and disable AHCI.   You should then be able to boot your XP CD with no problem. "

I started up, hit F2 to get to the appropriate menus, but could not find options to disable AHCI. What steps do I need to follow?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

What model laptop is it?  I'm not familiar with all of the bios..es but I've had this problem with legacy sata mode (You can try turning that off if you see it).  Just look for everything hard drive related, make note and try it.  If it doesn't work, change it back and go onto the next one. Just don't try everything at once, it could cause problems.

Sorry, I'm coming to realize that the detail I place in teh tags doesn't show to  other users. Here is teh model info:

Toshiba, Satellite (Laptop), A205 S5804

Is there a setting for Native SATA ,disable it.
If you can't find a setting for this then you may need to slipstream the sata chipset drivers onto the XP install cd

the chipset as the Mobile Intel® GL960 Express Chipset and the  Intel matrix drivers to put on a floppy are found here.These are used for the F6 method during install with a floppy.
Since you don't have a floppy you will need to extract the drivers and put them on an XP cd.
here is a tutorial on how to extract and use these files.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.


Thanks for the advice, but the reason I'm going this route is that the drivers I need to get my laptop to recognize my hard drive don't seem to exist. I was at the point where I was ready to slipstream the drivers onto my laptop when I learned that I didn't have what I needed.

Or did I misunderstand your answer, and does that first link have the drivers needed to get my laptop to boot from an XP cd?

The first link has the driver but for floppy, the second link shows you how to prepare those floppy driver files to be used for slipstreaming onto an XP cd.

The first link worked fine for downloading the drivers. The second link worked great until I got to one of the final steps:

13) Open the c:\xpcd\i386\winnt.sif in notepad

This file does not exist in the specified directory, nor is it on the XP SP2 CD that I have.

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OK, I hadn't let this drop - I haven't been home much for the last week.

I followed the instructions above and burned the CD, but when I try to boot from the CD my laptop just boots normally to Vista. What next?

Check the BIOS for the boot sequence and put the CD drive first. If that isn't the problem then there may have been a glitch in the burning process.

BIOS for the boot sequence? I hit F2 to get to that menu and selected to boot from CD. It must have been the burn process...
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Since  the only other question this author has PAQ'ed,was how he learned how to "Press any key to boot from CD ..."  if this was why this question became irrelevent then I don't agree as the building of the slipstreamed cd with the proper drivers was what this question was about since he couldn't find any settings to disable the AHCI or Native SATA in the BIOS. Not paying attention during bootup to the prompts on screen doesn't cut it with me as a reason for deletion.

I still didn't have a solution from the answers that I got here, but got the level of detail that I needed elsewhere. "Not paying attention during bootup to the prompts on screen" may not cut it as a reason for deletion, but not giving enough detail or following up when you don't see a solution as being accepted doesn't cut it for getting points awarded, either.

Vee_Mod, I got my solution elsewhere, which is all that matters. I really don't care either way if you want to award the points or not.