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Trying to execute a JS file via psexec

I am trying to run psexec on my computer to install a js file that I have also copied to the remote computer.  Here is the batch file that I am getting the error with....
psexec \\MACHINENAME c:\temp\swap.js

I have copied the file swap.js to the temp folder on the remote computer and when I run the batch file I get the error "the system cannot find the file specified".  I know that this is the name of the file on the remote computer.  When I run the file on the remote computer locally it runs without any errors.  I am sure that there is something else that I need to add in the batch file but I can't figure out what.  
Oh, I do have psexec.exe on the root of the C drive on my computer.

Thanks for your help!!
psexec \\MACHINENAME c:\temp\swap.js

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