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How best to manage saved named in Outlook?

I do a lot of mass mailings, and therefore, everyone I go to type an email address that neat little feature that make suggestions in the "To" box based on the beginning letters that you type doesn't really work for me because literally if I type "A" hundreds upon hundreds of names pop up.  Any suggestions on how to best manage this?  Is there a way to delete all names from this memory at once, or set a specific email so that it doesn't track this for some people, or any other ideas?  Thanks!
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the names are stored in a file:
profilename.nk2 under documents and settings/application data/Microsoft/outlook
so they are bound to the profile you send with. There is no way you can edit the file or have it filtered.
here are your options:
you can turn autocomplete off and, options, tab preferences, e-mail options, advanced e-mail options. the second from last check box turns the autocomplete on and off.
It however doesn't stop outlook from registring every address you type into the nk2 file.
you could create a secondary profile, to launch your mass mails, with the same mail account. that would throw all the email addresses sent from that profile into another nk2 file, hence not interfering with your regular profile.
you can delete the file everynow and then, to start afresh
Neither of them is a good solution, I realise that, but as far as I'm aware it are the only options you have.
you beat me to it ;-)
and i've learned something too, I didn't know you could edit the file.
i object...
I think war1 provided an answer to this question... points should go to him...