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How can I restore just the Data only from a Full DB Backup?

Here's the situation.  I have a database server at a colo facility and I need to transfer the data from the DB to a new server at my current location.  The database supports a web app that can't afford to have a lot of down-time.

I have setup the new server with everything we need and I've restored the DB from a Full Backup of the production DB.  I have made numerous changes to the new copy of the DB to help increase security.  Now I need to get the latest data from the production DB and apply it to the new copy of the DB.  If I pull down a Full Backup and restore it, it overwrites all of the security settings I've changed in the new DB and it kills the associations between DB Users and Server Logins.

I need to know how I can restore just the data portion of the production DB to the new DB.  It would also be great if I could choose which data to restore from the backup as I need to delete some tables, schemas and procs in the new copy of the DB, so I don't want those restored from the backup either.

I'm totally new to SQL Server 2005 Backup and Restore procedures.  I'm a developer who has been thrown into the role of DBA and I'm just sorta learning as I go.

Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.  If you need more information I'd be glad to share, but I don't even know where to start.  Thanks!

Adiitional Info:
SQL Server 2005
Full Recovery Mode
DB is about 7.5 GB
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What I would do, if I were you, is to make a backup of your prod db and restore it...BUT under a different name.  Once you have that db on the same server as the db you've made security changes, you can write queries easily enough to compare the data and insert/update the data that you need.  Other than that, there really isn't a good approach to comparing a lot of transactional data...other than maybe SQL Compare from red-gate...but if your tables are big, its going to drown that app.
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also you can use SSIS (2005) DTS (2000)
GUI to export\import:
Sqlserver 2005 : right click your DB in SSMS -> eexport-> select destination sql server-> db-> object that you need ...
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Thanks for the info.  Not sure why I didn't think of this already.  The info about the orphaned users was very helpful.