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VoIP connectivity using a managed and unmanaged switch

I am working in a network where we have one 48-port managed switch that is supporting data and voice traffic.  Each is configured to run on separate VLANS (VLAN 2 & 3).  The VOiP phones are booted using PoE services configured on the associated switch port.  The managed switch has now run out of ports so I decided to extend the data by implementing two 24-port unmanaged switches.

I set aside two ports on the managed switch that recently been tested with connectivity to data/voice traffic.  
The port that was used for data traffic was connected to one of the unmanaged switches, and I verified network connectivity by connecting a laptop to one of the available ports.  The port that was used for voice traffic on the managed switch connected to a port on the other unmanaged switch.  I connected the VoIP phone to one of the available ports; however, the phone did not power up.  

Does this mean that in order for the VoIP services to work on the unmanaged switch it has to support PoE services?
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