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Redirect Domino login back to referring site?


I have a web application that uses a Domino server for authentication. Normally, a user will bring up the Domino server's launch page and then click on "Login" and then Domino would ask for the username and password and finally the user clicks "Submit" and the domino server launches the landing page.

Now I have set up a system where another server uses the exact same login (it also has a button called Login but that points to the login URL of the Domino server), it bypasses the launch page, goes directly to the Login page of the Domino server. The problem is that after the user logs in, he/she gets directed "normally" to the domino server's landing page. I want it to go back to the referring server instead. Does anyone know how I can get Domino (lotus) to look at the referring server and if it is a know server, then jump back to that server?

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