My backup domain controller is getting event log error 13508

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My primary domain controller(pdc) is MS 2003 server for-small business server  SP1
My backup domain controller(bdc) (brought online July 1st) is MS 2003 Enterprise edition server SP2
AD replication is working fine. All AD changes replicate sucessfull.

The issue:
File Replication service is not working. Logon  scripts/Gpo policies from PDC are not being repilcated to BDC. The SYSVOL and NETWORK LOGON shares are MISSING on the BDC. I get eventlog error 13508 in the Frs eventlog on BDC. the PDC frs eventlog contain no errors.

I have checked Microsoft's troubleshooting for FRS issues. I have confirmed I can ping FQDN from each domain controller. Windows firewalls are currently turned off on both domain controllers.
I can acess event logs using computer snapin to both machines(which verifies RPC communcation working properly) , Also have confirmed FRS service running on both PDC and BDC.

Below is error msg contained in eventlog on BDC:   DC02 is PDC  -   TS-DC03 is BDC

eventlog 13508 error    (I never receive 13509 which indicates problem resolved)
The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication from DC02 to TS-DC03 for c:\windows\sysvol\domain using the DNS name FRS will keep retrying.

Other information
I am running AVG anti-virus server version on each domain controller

Need some expert help please.

Monty Johnson
Network Administrator
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Mehmet MuhannaSenior System Engineer

That Depend .. FRS have Several Resone .
lets start
Are you able to reach the and ping the name space of your domain
Note : NOt the Domain Controller .. Only the Domain Name
- Are you Running in DNS Active Director intgrated Mode, if so , what is the DNS IP for your Additional DC, it should have its DNS Server IP pointing to it self not the other server.. if so .. DO you have DNS Service installed.. Make sure that you are running DNS Service on the BDC
-Run NSlookup .. Are you getting the correct server name,, :If NO ..Like Have the other like having an Error indicating that the server is unknown then you have to make a reverse loopup zone, if you have the DNS Server for the other DNS Server make sure that your DNS IP Are correct..
-Open Site and Services .. and expand your BDC -->NTDS Setting.. are you able to see something named as Autogenerated... if yes . then you have to right click on then and then Replicate Now .. if no .. then right clikc on the empty space and select All task and Check Network Topology

Make sure that the _MSDCS.YourDomain.Ext have the Correct IP for both server
Please check these and report
Top Expert 2012



I was able to ping the name space of the domain "" from each domain controller.

I am running in AD intgrated mode. My DNS ip for BDC is  

I have verified DNS installed on each DC and pointing to itself , service running.
Ran nslookup and got the correct name.

The entry under NTDS connection did not say autogenerated. It had a sid # for BDC connector.
Connectors look normal under NTDS for both DC's
Ran the check network topology command under NTDS setting for BDC connector with no change.

I have ran nslookup and dns test with no significant errors. Any other ideas?

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Mehmet MuhannaSenior System Engineer

The Names for the connector in the site and service should be named .. not GUID.. This mean that the server is unable to contact the remote server .. and the Connector is created as it seem from one server and the other server did not accpte the connection .. or dont know to to connect with it
Make sure that the server have to correct Default Gateway also ..
Try this thing
Make sure that the New Server is a global catalog
Start--> Administrative Tools --> Active Directory Site and services
From the list expand till you reach the new server, Right Clkc on NTDS Setting and select the check box Global Catalog

Open the and see.. are the Record are correct for the Servers
you will find some record like These record are Cname ..
Are you able to reach them using NSLookup
You will also find some records named as (Same as Perant)
Open it .. you will have a window that include you servers .. are the IP are correct with a * next to them
As it seem the problem is 90% is a DNS problem
would you please post some error regarding to Directory Service Thanks
Top Expert 2012

If you have two DNS servers you should point them to each other. Do you have two NICs is the servers? Does your SBS server hold all FSMO roles? Both servers should be global catalogs. Do a netdiag /v /fix.


Attached is more information for this case. I ran netdiag /fix and everything passed.
I don't see any issues with DNS. Namespace can be pinged from each server.

I ran metadata cleanup to make sure no old FRS records existed from last domain controller removed.
IT was clean.
Thanks for your time,
Top Expert 2012

Change the Prefered DNS IP address so the DCs will point to one another. Do you have two NICs in either server? Are both controllers GCs?Do you have A, SRV, and SOA records for both controllers listed in both DNS servers? Make sure the FRS service is started make sure DFS service is running.
Top Expert 2012

Mehmet MuhannaSenior System Engineer

1: The Active Directory Site and Service \ Replication connectors are not <Automaticlly generate> .. did you create them manually ?????
2: Dariusg: if each server point its prefered DNS to the other server this will make a lot of traffic between the servers as each server should connect to the other server to get the names and incase one server is down .. the problem will be a big delay in the network as the sever will allways try to connect to the other server.. + this is a areplica.. so both copies are identical !!

Top Expert 2012


There have been many of times that this has fixed this problem for me. This is part of the troubleshooting and it isn't permanent solution but a troubleshooting step.
Hey guys,

I finally got it fixed. I found the solution already posted on this site. It was a registry tweak to the ntfrs key.
I have attached the solution in case you want to view.

Thanks for all your help
Mehmet MuhannaSenior System Engineer

Fine . and THANKS for posting the answer
Mehmet MuhannaSenior System Engineer

I just Press it to know what is does this do


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