Error Report When opening certain pdf files

Hi all,

When I try to open certain pdf files on an xp machine it kicks up and error report right away and has to close the program. Some files do work. I tried to install a new version of adobe reader but I get a "Get Plus" error: operating system error! 15219.101.220.  Im also having problems with installing flash player.  I just want to start over and wipe any old adobe program files and do fresh installs, but it really seems like there must be some software or program conflicts somewhere.  If theres any info I can give to help somebody lead me in the right direction let me know. thanks
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Hello TVanLanen,

Uninstall the old Flash player

Install the latest Flash plugin for your operating system

Before installing the new Flash plugin, uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Use Revo Uninstaller

Do a search for "adobe" and "acrobat" in folders and registry and delete all instances.  Then install new Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hope this helps!
JeTopeteIT AdministratorCommented:
Odd, I'm having the same exact problem; today no less. Too bad I can't add any points to this. You can bet that I'll monitor this question.  Thanks so far.
The FIRST thing you need to do is remove "Get Plus" -- it sounds like 100% of the problem, as the other apps normally don't conflict.  WHen this errant program is removed, delete its directory from C:\program Files and make sure that nothing about it is in the registry.   After that, remove all other programs similarly, and when they are all gone from the Add-remove programs, the C:\Program Files and the registry, then set a restore point -- "System cleaned".  Now you can go from there.
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JeTopeteIT AdministratorCommented:
I get the Get Plus error message window but I can't seem to locate anything on this machine that indicates that it's even loaded.  I wonder if TVanLanen was able to locate it?
I got the same message when trying to do the reader installation from Adobe's website.  It seems like it's a problem with the Active-X control.  I clicked on the link that says "click here if your download does not begin", saved the file and ran it.  Everything worked when I did it that way.
JeTopeteIT AdministratorCommented:
Yes that's how I finally got around it as well. I am unhappy that I went as far as uninstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro off of system as that had no positive effect on the matter.  I am happy to add that the REVO Uninstaller seems like a really cool program. I am going to add that to my toolbox for sure.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
hey I also located no get plus program, but with try revo and clicking the other link as well.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
I clicked the other link after uninstalling some conflicting programs using revo, and I received an error after saving and running the adobe 9 file:

Adobe has detected a corrupt file (checksum error) The program has been closed without installing.  Info ID: 6800.338.14.2.20020 Please send the Info ID to
Does anyone think it would be ok to remove the old version of adobe (assuming that the corrupt file is an old adobe program file) and then retry installing the new version?  The only reason I didnt already do it this way is because I didnt want to loose adobe completely and then not be able to get the new version seeing as how the old version is partially functional. Revo failed creating a system restore point before

Create a system restore point.  Then uninstall the older version of Adobe. Then install the new version.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
Alright did that and adobe reader installed fine. Still have the problem installing flash
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
When trying to install the correct version of flash player kicks back a pair of error/messages.

Adobe flash player ActiveX Setup: failed to install. for troubleshooting tips please go to clicking ok another message appears simply> Adobe Flash Player Installer:Installation failed or was canceled. Also sometimes forces IE to close after trying and failing multiple times.  I figured after removing all old/corrupt files and seeing adobe reader 9 install properly, there wouldnt be a problem with flash reader, but still same problem.  Anyway I can help you figure this out war1?
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
Even after deleting all flash using adobes recommended tool and method with cmd /safe , as well as Revo , I did still find entries in the registry of macromedia/flash.  I dont know if its safe or if it would help at all to just start deleting these and try to then install again.?...
Since you have another adobe program installed, you could be deleting registry for the other program.  So back up the registry before deleting.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
I downloaded firefox and the flash problem is connected with IE 7 I think- worked fine with firefox...I have adobe reader installed fine but running in circles with flash.  I found several posted forums regarding flash problems with new IE or new SP3 but most of them say they have problems running flash.  Everytime I try to install it fails.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
Think it would be a good idea to reinstall IE? What is the best procedure for this if you think it would help?
Yes, reinstalling IE7 could help.  See if you have the same flash problem in IE6.

1. Uninstall IE7.  Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you cannot find Internet Explorer 7 in Add or Remove Programs, click Start, click Run, type %windir%\ie7\spuninst\spuninst.exe, and then press ENTER.

Note: %windir% is the location of your Windows directory, which can usually be found at C:\Windows. To do this, you need to have "view hidden folders" enabled.

2. If no joy, In some cases, you may get an error message when you try to uninstall IE7 that says you cannot uninstall from a specified user account. To get around this check you will have to edit the Windows Registry.

Warning: Editing the Windows Registry incorrectly can cause the Windows operating system to stop functioning completely. This is a advanced operation and you are encouraged to back up the Windows Registry before you attempt any editing of the file. You have been warned.

Bypass the user account check with this Windows Registry edit:

Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then press ENTER.
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer.
Right-click the Internet Explorer key, click New, and then click DWORD value.
Type InstalledByUser as the name, and then press ENTER to finish creating the new registry value.
Try to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 again.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
I ran the executable-cmd window appeared and dissapeared like a batch file- looked like was gonna work but did nothing. No error message so I didnt do the regedit because it didnt seem like a permission issue. Should I anyway at this point>?
Are you using Vista or Windows XP?  If the latter, the command line should work in uninstalling IE7.  If using Vista, you cannot uninstall IE7. It is built into the operating system.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
yep, xp-can I downgrade to IE6?
Yes, you should be able to uninstall IE7 to downgrade to IE6.  Follow the instructions above.
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
did not solve the problem. thanks for trying but seems like whatever I do the flash player plugin install always fails.  If I had to guess I would say its something in the registry but I did try downloading and running microsofts recommended tool which I was directed to from adobes flash support page but this also didnt help.
To verify, you have uninstall IE7 and get IE6.  Problem still exits with IE6?

You have uninstall Flash Player with the uninstaller from Abobe website using IE6?
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
correct, and whatever the conflict is, it still exists
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
which is odd considering the flash plugin works with all other browsers ive tryed, I figured going to IE 6 would solve this but something is being left behind that wont allow the install to succeed; even after going through the whole troubleshooting procedure with IE6.
I have XP pro SP3 and ie7. got the same error. I uninstalled adobe flash player, restarted and went to download page. Got the same error said ok to the error. On that page it says "click here" if the download doesn't start. Downloaded and installed. No problems after that....with adobe:)
TVanLanenAuthor Commented:
sorry Ive never closed this, a few months back I got frustrated and reformated the harddrive, reinstalled sp3 with ie7 and now everything is working.  However on my friends home vista machine she is having problems with flash plugins in ie 7 as well. It says it installs fine but then certain flash files on certain pages dont download and it says to download latest version of the plugin, even though this has already been done.  Its an annoyance that is hard to track the direct cause of, but this flash plugin issue just keeps popping up places.  Oh well i guess.

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