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External Firewire Mirrored Raid on MacBook Pro Causes Kernel Panic

I have two identical FireWire/USB2.0 External Enclosures from Macally and they each have identical 500gb Maxtor drives inside. They are hooked up through a hub (and I've tried daisy-chain) into the MacBook Pro FireWire 400 port. Whenever I create a mirrored raid in the disk utility, it causes a kernel panic and the system freezes.
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Eoin OSullivan
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I'm not sure you can create a RAID in such a way.  It is not a very stable or reliable infrastructure for RAID.
RAID drives should usually be in the same enclosure and connected to the same bus not in parallel or daisy-chained on a Firewire port or even through a hub is a bad idea..

Did you see any information from others who have done the same?
My response still stands .. I am sure that daisy-chained firewire drives are not suitable as a RAID configuration.
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