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Using Microsoft CRM 4 with multiple databases

Last Modified: 2010-04-21
I am new to MS CRM, and currently working on 2 development projects simultaneounsly. I would like to have a separate database for each project, but am unable to work out how to switch the CRM 4 server to point from one database to the other. Is this possible to do, and if so, how?
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Well, CRM 4 allows Multi-Tenet with an Enterprise license.  I would recommend this first.
I am interested in how separate you want the projects to be?  Data and Customizations can easily be separate in a Multi-Tenet  (some say Tenant) but if you are looking for Plug-Ins or modifications of the existing pages, that will get a bit trickier.  In Multi-Tenet, there is a default Organization and that is off of the default URL, and other Tenets have the Organization name IN the URL.

CRM now stores much of the DB information inside the DB, so switching isn't real easy.  I assume you checked the registry in HKLM|Software|Microsoft|MSCRM?

Have you considered building a VPC or Virtual Server and just installing it again?


Hi, thanks for your comments. My compay does not have an enterprise licence so that rules that out, and my laptop is far too low grade to run virtual server at a workable speed. What I was really after is a way to have many different SQL databases in my SQL and then change some settings/registry/ or even change the database name to somehow 'fool' CRM into logging into whichever database I want to work on at the time.

To complicate matters, I have previously done alot of development before having my laptop o/s reloaded and have a backup of the old SQL database. I have installed a fresh CRM with a new database on my 'new' laptop but now need to access the development in my old CRM database without losing the work done in the new CRM database
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Thanks, you suggestion led me to work out a solution. I have managed to have 2 databases and rename them each time I want to use one. Not the best, but the only way I found that it works !!!
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