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Experiences of silverlight and corporate firewalls

Last Modified: 2013-11-12
I'm interested in finding out what experiences people have had when using silverlight behind a corporate firewall.  Areas of interest are:-

a) Installing silverlight behind a corporate firewall
b) WCF
c) Media streaming
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I haven't seen any issues with installing SL or streaming media, unless the corporate firewall directly prohibits you from connecting to microsoft.com/silverlight.net (for install) or whatever streaming server the media is coming from. It could also be configured to block streaming media, I suppose. Installing the plugin would get hairy if the desktops are locked down so installing software isn't allowed.

I guess my answer would be, "By default, no problems. If the company/IT folks are paranoid enough, then it could all be blocked."


 Thanks adler77. Unfortunately there are no case studies or reams of posts to sift thru as with most of MS productions/solutions (bugs, best practices, etc...) so it's difficult to make a judgement call on whether or not one ought to recommend SL as a development initiative.  Especially when its still in beta!  

Weve developed an E-Learning hosted application and have had many firewall related issues as a result with streaming media (mms, rtsp) to WMP and I am concerned that if we do go down the SL route well experience even more firewall related issues.  
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