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Server Hangs After converting physical to virtual machine!

DennisDavis asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-09
i have converted a Widnows 2003 Server R2 terminal server running on a DL380G5 dual processor 4 GB ram box.  After the conversion took place and the vm was added into the host I inadvertently modified the settings to a single cpu.  upon doing this my server would hang after logon and the cpu would show 100% utilization.  My research turned up that this was most likely due to a an acpi multi processor HAL being used in the vm and the vm was set to a uni processor.  So I changed the setting back to a dual cpu and bingo the server fired up perfectly.  I followed an article to downgrade the HAL to a uniprocessor because i only want to assign a single vcpu to this vm.  After updating the driving in the device manager and selecting the acpi uni -processor I then shut the server down, modified the vcpu setting to use a single cpu and started it back up.  AFter doing this the server now hangs just like it did before.  Now, even if I go back and change the vcpu to 2 cpu's i still get the same problem.  My question is has anyone been able to successfully convert a dual cpu physical server into single cpu vm.  If so, what steps were required?  Does anyone know why this vm still hangs after making these changes?  My server actually hangs after the logon and personal and computer settings load at a blue screen.
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Well - what other application was installed? Because for instance SQL server from MS is aware of 2 CPUs if it was installed with 2 CPUs and will fail. This may cause the server to fail after changing CPUs and without changing the SQL server applications settings.
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I have actually only changed the HAL one time, from an ACPI Multiprocessor to Uni Processor by change the device driver in the device manager.  I did change the vcpu back and forth a couple of times.  As for the appllications this server is just running terminal server with a few productivity apps.  Nothing that requires multiple cpu's.  

I am going to p2v this server again tonight and try the single processor conversion as per meyersd suggestion.  I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the input.


Where can I find this P2V documentation/guest OS guide you are referring to?  I have searched vmware site and don't see this anywhere?  


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