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User Profiles for a K12 School District

Last Modified: 2013-11-15
We have a Windows 2003 server domain in our school district with different OU's based on computer location and users. Is there a way to use a default profile stored on the network for a group of computers? For example, I would like the HS office to use the default profile HS_Office. After they would log in and receive the default profile, I would like it to cache on the machine under the users account (ex. Mike Smith). From here, the user always use their local profile (Mike Smith) and not the computer default profile unless it is a new account.
I am trying to get away from using the local default profile on the machines. Is this possible? Any suggestions on doing this differently? Any suggestions from IT people in other school districts on how they do user profiles?

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Thanks for your comments. The idea is to grab the profile from the network and keep it on the computer as a local profile that can be modified(group policy to manage the modifications). Some students and staff have laptops that they take home with them. Can this be done with manditory profiles?
The link that ryansoto sent me told me that the changes get deleted when the user logs off (see below).
 "... The user can still modify the desktop, but the changes are not saved when the user logs off. The next time the user logs on, the mandatory user profile is downloaded again."

Sure basically when someone logs onto your system they get a default desktop (this desktop has nothing to do with their local machine)
Once they are done anything saved to the desktop of this remote connection gets wiped.
Nothing on the client machine gets wiped

Sounds like you actually want your users to be able to manage their own profiles. This is usually not the case for organizations managing many users. However, if you want to enable users to locally manage their profiles, you can still use a roaming profile. All you need to do is set the settings in Group Policy to Cache the profile on the Local Client machine when the users log off.


Is this setting enabled by default in group policy or does it have to be manually set?
Thanks for your help.

By Default it is Not Configured. You can find this setting in GPO under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles > Delete cached copies of roaming profiles = Disable
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