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Error adding IP to VLAN: overlaps with Vlan

crucialx asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-21
When trying to add an IP to a vlan, I'm getting the following error (eventhough based on my calculations it should work!). Does anyone now how to fix this?

switch(config)#int vlan 644
switch(config-if)#ip address x.x.247.81
x.x.247.80 overlaps with Vlan645

The configuration of vlan 645 is:

interface Vlan645
 description xx
 ip address x.x.247.89

And vlan 643:

interface Vlan643
 ip address x.x.247.65

The rest of the /24 is cut up as follows:

x.x.247.0/28 - vlan 624
x.x.247.16/29 - vlan 639
x.x.247.24/29 - vlan 640
x.x.247.32/28 - vlan 641
x.x.247.48/28 - vlan 642
x.x.247.64/28 - vlan 643
x.x.247.80/29 - vlan 644
x.x.247.88/28 - vlan 645
x.x.247.104/29 - vlan 646
x.x.247.112/29 - vlan 647
x.x.247.120/29 - vlan 648
x.x.247.128/29 - vlan 649
x.x.247.136/29 - vlan 651
x.x.247.144/28 - vlan 652
x.x.247.160/27 - vlan 653
x.x.247.192/29 - vlan 654
x.x.247.200/29 - vlan 655

Any ideas why I'm getting this error?
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it really overlaps :)
here it is:
x.x.247.64/28 - vlan 643
x.x.247.80/29 - vlan 644
x.x.247.88/29 - vlan 645

these should be correct


Hi from_exp,

Why can't I do the following?

x.x.247.64/28 - vlan 643
x.x.247.80/29 - vlan 644
x.x.247.88/28 - vlan 645
This one is on us!
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Thanks for your help!  This explanation is what i was looking for.
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