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PDF filing system

Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I have hundreds of service agreements that I want to store electronically. I have a scanner that will do the job, but my problem is that it doesn't duplex and all of my service agreements are two sided. I need a software package that will allow me to scan 30-50 douments, flip the stack over and scan the backs to them. I immagine someone has made this software, I just don't know where to find it. Anyone have an idea?

An acceped solution should give me a software solution to scan double sided documents in bulk without upgrading my scanner.

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Thanks dramdrum. The price is right and according to the details it should work. If you don't mind, how did you find this? I looked all over google and couldn't find anything. Have you used this software before?

I'll download the program and give it a try. If it does what it says it does I'll be assigning you points.

I found it through google. Used the search term:

scan multiple documents double sided

and it was on the first page. Havent used it before no, but it does look good on paper :)
Let me know if it does the job


I had really high hopes for that software, but it's poupose built for invoice scanning. It requires customer info be input for each scan. Then you have to add each customer to a batch and specify how many pages this customer has. It then sorts everthing into individual folders for the customer. I need something that just scans everything, date/time stamps or increments it and saves it into one big folder. This program just won't do bulk. Thanks for the input though!
You might consider using the software at the link below. It claims you can collate and re-arrange PDF files. It has a free trial, can't hurt to try it.


I made Paper Valet work using the pro version. Thanks!
Amila HendahewaPrincipal Consultant - Digital Process Automation

your best option would be Kofax.
check out www.kofax.com
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