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cfform action does not post data to IE 6 or 7 but it does to FFox

dwkd asked
Last Modified: 2009-02-21
cfform action does not post data, when a form is submitted, to IE 6 or 7 but it does to FFox

thanks for your help

<!---- this is the form from the index.cfm which posts to logIn.cfm --->
<cfform action="logIn.cfm">
  <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="BPMLoginMenu">  
    <tr height="15">
      <td colspan="2">&nbsp</td>
    <tr valign="bottom">
      <td><img src="pix/bpm_unameBOX.jpg" alt="Insert Username"></td>
      <td valign="top"><cfinput type="text" class="BPMLogin" name="UserName"></td>
    <tr valign="bottom">
      <td><img src="pix/bpm_pwdBOX.jpg" alt="Insert Password"></td>
      <td valign="top"><cfinput type="password" class="BPMLogin" name="Password"></td>
    <tr height="5">						<td colspan="2">&nbsp</td>
    <tr valign="top">						<td colspan="2"><cfinput type="image" src="pix/bpm_signInBOX.jpg" name="Submit" value="Submit"></td>
<!---- and in logIn.cfm --->
<cfif isDefined("Submit")>

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I think your form may be ok...

Your <cfif isdefined("submit") >
should be <cfif isdefined("form.submit") >

but... maybe you want to change it to <cfif isdefined("form.Password") AND isdefined("form.UserName")>
Also... I think I read somewhere that you should use something other than name="submit" cause IE has issues with it? Just thinking out-loud.
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i think i remember now the problem with the name="submit" .. let me try that .. thanks

all others i tried before i posted and still nada


HA! this is really fantastic

cfinput type="image" src="pix/bpm_signInBOX.jpg" name="Submit" value="Submit"

if you take out the value="Submit" it doesn't post to FFOX either
if you leave value="" it doesn't post to FF again
but only if you have something inside the value param, then it posts, but again, only for FF

maybe it's the type="image" that is causing this crap cause i don't have problems with submit type

..on with more testing
Can you post more code so we can get a exact example?


nothing to add to the form,
here's more from the logIn script but i doubt it makes any difference
<!--- Find record with this MemberEmail/Password --->
  <!--- If no rows returned, MemberEmail or password not valid --->
  <cfquery name="GetMember" datasource="#APPLICATION.datasource#">
   FROM Members
   WHERE UserName = '#form.UserName#' AND Password = '#form.Password#'
  <!--- If the username and password are correct --->
  <cfif GetMember.RecordCount EQ 1>
	<!--- Set Session for Member (rememeber they're logged in  --->
	<cfset Session.Member = StructNew()>
	<cfset Session.Member.LoggedIn = "Yes">
	<cfset Session.Member.MemberID = GetMember.ID>
	<cfset Session.Member.ScreenName = GetMember.ScreenName>
	<cfset Session.Member.MemberEmail = GetMember.Email>
	<cfset Session.Member.UserName = GetMember.UserName>
	<cfset Session.Member.Database = GetMember.Database>
	<cfset Session.Member.SMSapp = GetMember.SMSapp>
	<cfset Session.Member.EMAILapp = GetMember.EMAILapp>
	<cfset Session.Member.TrafficReports = GetMember.TrafficReports>
	<cfset Session.Member.WebContentEditor = GetMember.WebContentEditor>
  <cflocation url="#APPLICATION.linkPath#/Manager/default.cfm">  	

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Did you ever figure this out?
Have you tried it on another computer?


i haven't yet

i tried on other computers and it does the same thing
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yup.. it's a browser issue..thank y`all
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