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How to get ID of element that triggered an event with class name

Hello again,

I am trying to find out the ID of an element that triggered a mouseover event handler. I am using the prototype framework, and am using the invoke method to listen to multiple DIV tags for mouseovers by class name. In part of my function, I need to access the actual name of the ID that triggered the event. Anyone have any insight?
//////The window onload event listener
Event.observe(window, 'load', function() {
   //////Here I listen for mouseovers that occur on elements with the 'navimage' classname
   $$('div.navimage').invoke('observe', 'mouseover', overfade);
function overfade(evnt) {
   var obj = Event.element(evnt);
   ////in here is where I need to find the name of the element that triggered this function

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Thanks, man. Perfect!