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CRM 4.0 Front End Web Servers

Can you have multiple CRM 4.0 front end web servers pointing to one SQL Server 2005 Server?

Could have one web server running integrated authentication and one running forms authentication to the same CRM instance.
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Did that answer your question or is there a follow up?
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Hey WilyGuy thanks for the answer.

The front end web servers won't be for load balancing.  They will each have a different customer on them.  So for security none of them can have access to each other.

Some customers like forms authentication some do not... so I want to have front end web servers that offer differnt types of authentication but all point to the same SQL Server.

Hope that makes sense.
I know that the IFD settings are saved in the DB and I believe in the MSCRM_CONFIG DB, so unless you are using different SQL Instances and hence different MSCRM_CONFIG, I would doubt it.

Please post back if you get it working, I would love to know.
I can't figure it out..
So the SQL servers are different as well as the CRM servers?
The third link is to the actual paper that describes in detail.

Did you try it and it wouldn't work?  Did you have problems with the tool/paper or possibly DNS/Firewall?