How to add Acrobat Distiller printer driver?

I had Adobe Acrobat 4.0 installed on my PC.  Converting files to PDF format was working fine until
i reinstall my XP.  Now I cannot see Adobe Distiller in my Printers and Faxes.  I remember the setup
in previous setup is that the Distiller printer was using the PDF port.  I tried to add the
printer back but i cannot find the PDF port.  Please help.  Thank you.
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You will have to reinstall Acrobat 4 in order to enable the PDF printer. This also installs the PDF port driver and brings Distiller back.

Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
As far as I know, Acrobat 4 is not compatible with WinXP - you may have problems running this setup even if you are able to install Acrobat 4. I think Acrobat 5.0.5 was the first one with WinXP support (and only XP, not with any service packs installed).

I understand that you may not want to upgrade if all the features you need are available in Acrobat 4, but it is an ancient product, and PDF has come a long way since 1999.

In order to get some more modern PDF producer, take a look at the free PrimoPDF from activePDF. These people have a long history in the PDF world, they know what they are doing, and PrimoPDF is not a bad choice if you want to create PDF documents from free:

hoggieeAuthor Commented:
I have already re-installed Acrobat 4.0 but i still could not see any Distiller printer.

khkremer:  But it was running fine with my previous XP copy.
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kh is right on the version compatibility, how did you install A4 first time around? Was it a previous install with an XP upgrade later on or did you install XP first.

A reinstall normally does not replace the registry but will update certain elements. It is likely that you are now facing the result of the incompatibility.

So if I understand your question correctly you have also been though the 'Add Printer' wizard and when you try using 'Create port' port there is no Adobe PDF port option?

hoggieeAuthor Commented:
captainreiss: Yes.  You are right.  I was actually trying to look for the Adobe PDF port but yet i could only find local port.

I have looked around at the usual forums and the official line from Adobe is that v4 is not supported under XP and that it has not been tested. So the answer from Adobe would be to upgrade to v5 (or later).

However there are some home made fixes out there and some users report no problem after upgrading to 4.05 can you check whether the following update gives you a result:


hoggieeAuthor Commented:
After searching the web again and again, I finally managed to solve the problem.  What I did was download the latest Adobe PostScript driver (the one included in 4.05 setup CD does not support XP), run the driver setup file and then load the PPD files from the 4.05 setup CD (Utilities/Drivers/PPD Files).  Then I custom installed Acrobat 4.05 again, reinstalling only Adobe Distiller and PDF Writer, reboot XP, done!  Anyway, thank you guys for your comments.  :-)

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Pan you please put here the link for the driver?
Also, can you please paste here port config for Acrobat Distiller printer? I'm trying to solve issue when this printer is not printing.
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