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VBA error '3251'

Last Modified: 2013-12-11
We recently upgraded from Great Plains 7.5 to Great Plains 9.0 and SQL2000 to SQL2005.

One of the VBA packages is now giving me a '3251' error at the .AddNew line.

(Run-time error '3251'

Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype.)

I have attached a sample snippet of the code.

Any ideas?

If valid_number = True Then
        With rs
        If newcustomer Then
            Dim cmdRM00101 As ADODB.Command
            Dim CustClass As String
            Dim rsRM00101 As ADODB.Recordset
            Set cmdRM00101 = New ADODB.Command
            cmdRM00101.ActiveConnection = adoChange
            cmdRM00101.CommandType = adCmdText
            cmdRM00101.CommandText = "Select * from " & lInterCompanyID & ".dbo.RM00101 where CUSTNMBR = '" & Trim(TextBoxCustNum.Text) & "'"
            Set rsRM00101 = cmdRM00101.Execute
            CustClass = chknull(Trim(rsRM00101.Fields("CUSTCLAS").value), "S")
            Set rsRM00101 = Nothing
            cmdRM00101.CommandText = "INSERT INTO " & lInterCompanyID & ".dbo.RM41101 "
            .Fields(0).value = Trim(TextBoxCustNum.Text)
            .Fields(1).value = CustClass     'custclass - get from rm00101
            .Fields(2).value = ""
            .Fields(15).value = "" 'crcode?
        End If
        .Fields(3).value = txtPercent1.Text
        .Fields(4).value = txtPercent2.Text
        .Fields(5).value = txtPercent3.Text
        .Fields(6).value = txtPercent4.Text
        '.Fields(7).value = txtPercent5.Text
        '.Fields(8).value = txtPercent6.Text
        .Fields(9).value = transAction(cboAction1.Text)
        .Fields(10).value = transAction(cboAction2.Text)
        .Fields(11).value = transAction(cboAction3.Text)
        .Fields(12).value = transAction(cboAction4.Text)
        '.Fields(13).value = transAction(cboAction5.Text)
        '.Fields(14).value = transAction(cboAction6.Text)
        'set ordstatus field - cboAction.text should not be empty
        Select Case cboAction.Text
             Case "Use Table below"
                .Fields(16).value = "0"
             Case "Always Place On Credit Review"
                .Fields(16).value = "1"
             Case "Always Place On Credit Hold"
                .Fields(16).value = "2"
             Case "Never Allow Orders to be Taken"
                .Fields(16).value = "2"  'was 3 - se 092903
             Case "Never Place on Credit Review or Hold"
                .Fields(16).value = "0" 'was 4 - se 092903
             Case ""
                .Fields(16).value = ""
        End Select
        End With

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