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How do I add Computers to Active Directory to receive updates from Group Policy?

sealya7 asked
Last Modified: 2008-08-12

How do I add Computers to Active Directory to receive updates from Group Policy?  I have a few computers that i am told need to be added to Active Directory so they can receive updates from Group Policy. I already see the computers listed in AD and i guess they were added automatically.  How do I make sure they can get updates from Group Policy?

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Best way is to setup a OU within the directory for the computer objects to be placed in and then to link the GPO to the newly created OU.  There are a lot of differing opinions on the best way to create your OU structure and your final structure will depend greatly on your business structure and intended use of the directory.


I am in Active Directory Users and Computers now and i see under the domain name a folder named "Computers".  When I click the folder i see all the computers listed and i see the computers i needed to add already listed.  So, from here i want to add them to Group Policy so they can receive updates or see if they are already getting updates.  Do you know the steps? Thanks.
You need to install the the group policy administration console on your PC.  Grab it here.  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=0a6d4c24-8cbd-4b35-9272-dd3cbfc81887&displaylang=en.  You would then use that tool to link the GPO to the OU that the computer objects were in.  This is where your OU structure becomes important.  You may at some point want to link different GPO to different computer objects.  If you need more explanation let me know.


Thanks Willettmeister!  We already have Group Policy Managment installed on the same server that has AD.  How can i link the two so i can make sure the new computers are getting updates?  I am new to this, thanks!


Here is my question with better wording.  How can I see the list of computers in a Group Policy to see if the computers are listed that need updates or how do i set it up so that new computers can be added to Group Policy so that they can receive updates too?
You link the policy to the OU then every computer in the OU gets the policy applied.  Hence the need for the Structure.  You can play with permissions on the Policies if you can't divide the computer accounts by OU but that can get complicated.


Ok, so how do i add a computer to the OU so it can get the policy applied?
The OU administration is done though users and computers.  You can create and delete OU's and move the objects around to the new OU;s.  


so, for example, I just clicked a computer name listed under the Computer folder in AD Users and Computers then i dragged it to the Desktop folder.  From here, how do i know if it is going to receive updates from group policy?


In addition, when i click and drag the names i get this message "Moving objects in Active Directory can prevent your existing system from working the way it was designed.  For example, moving an organizational unit (OU) can affect the way that group policies are applied to the accounts within the OU. Are you sure you want to move this object" yes or no.  After i select yes, the objet moves and it is in the path of GPO. So, i think this is all i need to do.
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