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Acrobat fails to load it's Core DLL

When I try to open a attached PDF file from outlook I get: fatal error: Acrobat failed to load its core dll.  This also happens at random times by opening PDFs saved on the computer.  I have done repairs and total unistall and reinstalls twice.  It always works for a week or two then the same problem surfaces again.  Every adobe forum out there is aware of this issue and no one has an answer (including adobe) I was hoping you guys might have an answer.  Thanks!
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Karl Heinz Kremer
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Are you running on Citrix?
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Nope, no Citrix
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1. Acrobat reader is up to V9.0 currently.
Did you try that yet?

2. Is your version of Windows up to date with all it's Service packs?

3. Does this happen on all comptuers , or just this one?

1. have not tried 9 because we are not going to be upgrading to 9 until next year.  Regardless, 8 should work correctly.
2. All service packs have been installed.  XP3 office 2007 SP1
3.  This is only happening with one user
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Jeffrey Coachman
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Registry cleaning did the trick.  Thanks!