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Bogus IP address conflict

tss-nm asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-09
Network: cable modem, Linksys wrt54gs, 2 wre54g and wusb54gc in desktop, XP/SP3, DHCP from wrt54gs.  User recieved duplicate IP conflict errors on all Windows systems (3), none on a MAC PC.  MAC is direct wired to the AP.  All other PCs are wireless.  Pings and ARP tables show no duplicate IPs.  Changed the SSID and channel, removed all but one XP system, the wrt54gs, one wre54g and my test PC with a static IP outside of the DHCP scope.  Same error.  Changed PC to new static IP, verified not in use first, same error.  Tried another static IP, same error.  Turned off DHCP on wrt54gs, used only static IPS, same error.  Flashed all linksys HW to latest firmware, same error.  The Event log shows the conflicting system to be the same PC, conflicts with itself.  Is this whole mess from the range extenders?  Only one on at this point,  changed the IP of the second wre54g,  both were still at default when I started.  Rebooted everything, cable modem to PC, same error.  What's the solution here?
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> both were still at default when I started.

That would cause a duplicate IP error, for sure, since both of them would have been /24.
I would change them both from the default, but that's up to you.

What's the IP of the PC you have connected to the 'cable modem'? (and is that the WRT54GS ? its default is /24, btw.)

The MAC probably wouldn't care as long as it wasn't its own IP address duplicated and it wasn't connecting wirelessly; When a duplicate address broadcast is detected by windows machines in the same network they ALL let you know about it, though.


The config is as follows:  cable modem >> wrt54gs >> wre54g  >> PC in the test mode, with a second monitor laptop also connected through the wre54g (  The router is default  The PC in question has been assigned a variety of IPs., 200 201 & 202.  The 200s were all static assignments, the DHCL scope only includes 100-150, as is default on linksys.  IN test mode only onw of the two wre54g ( are powered up, no conflict there.  The event log tells you the MAC address of the offending duplicate system.  IN this case the offending MAC is the PC itself!  Not logical.  There is no real duplicate IP in this network.  So what's causing the message to be thrown by XP?
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