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Contact and Calendar Synchronisation

Last Modified: 2013-12-05
Hi there,

I have a customer with 6 users. They use an external Managed Exchange provider for their e-mail. Their Outlook 2003 clients on each of their PCs is configured to synchonisation their respective mailboxes with the hosted Exchange server.

So far, so very good!

Problems arise given their most recent requirements:

- One user is tasked with maintaining the Contact database and manually copying it to each of the other users. They want to automate this task.

- One of the 2 directors needs all the other director's Calendar items and e-mail (in and out).

Anyone know of any 3rd-party software that I should investigate? Better still, anyone know of any tweaks within the Outlook client that I can exploit to achieve their requirements?

NB: Mailbox sharing is NOT an option because the directors and most of the users are mainly on a smartphone and/or Blackberry.

Thanks n regs,
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For the first task why would you not use a public folder to house all the contacts?

For the second task for the email portion you can change Exchange so that the one director's email goes to the other director.  Under the Exchange General tab > Delivery Options, there is a forwarding address, add the other director's email in that box.

Your best bet for the calendar access is to use GCalSync.

Hi jdera and thanks for your replies.

I will check out GCalSync - thanks for the recommendation.

Regarding your comment about Public Folders, it is my understanding that Public Folders don't come down onto smartphones or Blackberrys. Am I wrong on this?


Actually for the public folders you can look at the following, another answer I provided, since you are not worrying about the wireless sync side, this should do the trick:


Did everything work out ok?
Hi jdera,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I've had a look at GCalSync but it seems to still be Beta software. Further, it looks like it only synch's to Google Calendars.

The directors have standardised their handhelds on the iPhone.

So, any other suggestions to achieve their requirements as detailed in my post?


So we are no longer talking about blackberry but iphone?
This one is on us!
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Hi again,

My thoughts were that Public Folders were not an option because (as far as I am aware) Public Folders don't wirelessly sync with handhelds. Is this correct?

Basically, I need something that will automatically update everyone's Contacts (let's leave Calendars out of it for a moment) from a "master".

Hi jdera,

Thanks for all your replies. I was after a solution that didn't require 3rd-party apps. You have clearly shown that I can't achieve it without involving 3rd-party app.

Thanks n regs,
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