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Veritas backup exec catalog files keep becoming corrupted

jajowers asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-01
On a Win server 2003, with SQL 2000 installed, Veritas 9.1 backing up to a media set of 5 usb hard drives, rotated nightly.  I am also backing up 3 pc's over the network using the remote back exec services; those seem to run fine, as the only errors are corrupt catalog files in the backup exec program folder (%program files%\veritas\backupexec\nt\ ).

The catalog files keep becoming corrupted, causing backup job to fail.  this happened once a month up until 2 months ago, then once every 2 weeks, now once a week.  The day does not matter, as it happens on different days of the week, and the usb HD plugged doesn't seem to matter, as it has happened to different HD's (day 1 HD, day 4 HD, day 5 HD).  I have left day 2 HD in for a week (i know, i broke my rotation), catalog corruption still occured.  I have ran spin rite on the HD's and Seagate's HD diagnostic tool, everything appears to be fine with the external HD's.  I have updated Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 to the latest updates released for the version, and have updated Win Serv 2003 as well.

I know how to fix the problem after it happens (rename catalog and rerun backup).  I need direction how to keep catalog files from becoming corrupt as this is getting annoying.

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to clarify, the 3 pc's backing up remotely and the backup of the server are all ran on 1 backup job.

Have you ran chkdsk ?? CHKDSK needs to be run at least every month on all volumes

run "chkdsk c: /f/v", repeatfor all local drive letters. If your disks are not part of a RAID array you might need to chech for bad sectors as well. Add the /r switch to the command ("chkdsk c: /f/v/r"). This will take much longer to finish but is essential in order to find out if you have physical corruption


Thanks for the quick response.  Ran chkdsk on the machine, no bad sectors.  It is a Raid 5 array; we check event logs regularly as part of housekeeping and maintenance, nothing there either.

Have you had any luck with the catalog files since you ran the chkdsk command ??


well, ran chkdsk tuesday afternoon, tuesday night's backup ran fine...wednesday night the one of the catalog files corrupted and caused the backup to fail
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I really hope you nailed it !!
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