How do I Disable Multiple Computer Accounts via Script/Batch File?

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I have multiple computer accounts that have been polled as having some type of security vulnerability be it an unauthorized application, virus infection, outdated a/v definition file or etc.  I have a list of all the computer accounts but I do not know how to mass diable those computer accounts.  Can anyone shed some light on how to perform this task?
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Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/Virtualization

You can select them all in ADUC and then right-click > Disable
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Assuming your list contains one computer name per line, save the script below as DisabledComputers.cmd or Whatever.cmd, change ComputerList to the correct path to your computer list, and run it:

@echo off
set ComputerList=C:\Temp\BadMachines.txt
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('type "%ComputerList%"') do (
  echo Processing %%a ...
  dsquery computer -name "%%a" | dsmod computer -disabled yes

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The only thing you need to put the cycle in to process multiple entries. Would you need help with this ?


Thanks alot for your help.  The solution that you provided was exactly what I was looking for and was definitely easy to implement.  I was also able to take the basics of your script and tailor it to other tasks as well.  Again, much thanks!

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