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I would like to have my Macintosh share a folder on my pc or vice versa so I can transfer files back and forth

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Last Modified: 2013-11-12
I use a Macintosh and a PC on a windows domain.
I can move items to a share then offload back and forth .

Is thre a way I can share my Mac with my Pc so I can update a folder on each one and the files move over?

So If I am on my MAC and I want to move some files I simply drag them to a folder and then those transfered files would appear onmy PC and vice versa?
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that is not called shring, its synchronization.

sharing means, you have one shared folder on PC which is being accessed by both MAC and PC and all the edits are done on PC only. MAC is only accesing it to update/fetch information.

on MAC, you can drag any folder to your desktop which is accessible by a PC system in the workgroup and this folder can be accessed by boht the systems to store the information.

sharing means there is "one" folders which is being "shared" by both the systems
synchronization means, there are two folders on each system which will get synch if there is any change on one of the two folders.

i hope its clear :)


Thank you

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