Veritas Exec 10 Error opening JOB LOG in html format for specific Backup Job

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We are running Symantec Veritas Exec 10.
We have 4 different backup jobs, 3 of them after completing are able to successfully generate JOB Logs and Show JOB history in HTML, but one of them throws an error message when generating JOB LOG only. JOB History shows fine in HTML.

One or more errors were encoutered converting the job log into a web page display.
The Job log will be displayed in text mode. System Error: -529697949,   705375: C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX_THEMATRIX_02250.xml

When i try to Click Save As, the file can be saved as HTML but it does not contain any information.
the file name looks like this, the digits change for each day. log1650_f5626f78-03a0-4620-b757-14f41ca843a5

Things i tried to fix it:
1. Restarting all Veritas services
2. Restarting all SQL services responsible for managing Veritas Backup
3. Logging off and loggin on to the server itself.

I also modified Veritas Database Maintenance Options
v Enable Backup Exec database maintenance
Perform database maintanance at 3:00:00AM
Delete Expired data
Number of days to keep data before deleting it from Backup Exec Database:
v Perform database consistency check
v Optimize database size
v Save contents of database to the Backup Exec data directory

Didn't help as well.
Please HELP
I am attaching two screen shots of the cofiguration and error message itself.

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Check this link in the Veritas website


I managed to past the previous error message.
Now the error message I am getting is:

Illegal xml character.
1715429: C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX_THEMATRIX_02343.xml

Still cant read the log...

Please help..
Thank you

There are several reasons you can experience this error. The main two reasons seem to be, you are using an old verion of Microsoft XML, please check you have the latest patches installed for this.  Secondly, it can be caused by a corruption.  Can you please attach the xml file, then I can look where the problem is.


Thank  you for your replay.

Yesturday I updated both XML versions with the most recent service packs and patches using Windows Update.
I restarted the server after updating.

We are running on:
MSXML 4.0 SP2 (KB936181) - version: 4.20.9848.0
MSXML 6.0 Paraser (KB933579) - version: 6.10.1200.0

Yesterday's job completed successful, but when generating Generating JOB LOG i get this error:

Illegal xml character.
435496: C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX_THEMATRIX_02349.xml

I can't attach the file, it is 20MB compressed, is there anyway I can send it to you.
Really appreciate your help.

That is a very big log file.  MSXML does have limits on the size of the XML files it can handle. The problem here may simply be the size of the file, rather than anything more difficult than that.

Try making some smaller jobs, hence smaller log files, and see if they open ok.

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