Can't printer Canon IR2230 Network Printer, Error 853

W just bought a used Canon Image Runner 2230. I managed to add this printer to the workgroup. I can ping and monitor the status of the printer from the LAN, but when I printer, it didn't came out. Printer Log display message NG 853.

I have the driver from Canon, and I am using Windows XP.

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The NG 853 error message is a known Windows bug. You should delete the printer in Windows and recreate it, but don't choose the "Canon printing device L9100" when prompted. Instead choose either LPR or RAW print formats, I've seen RAW work more often than LPR. Be sure you delete the old IP interface object (the thing that has the printer's IP address in it) and recreate it as well, and start the driver installation from the beggining. DO NOT try to fix the existing printer in Windows. That might work somewhat, but will cause problems down the road.
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