Problem connecting to MS SQL server Msg 17, Level 16, State 1


We had some trouble with oir server, windows 2003 standard server, it locked up, we rebooted it and everything went up normal, including the MS SQL 2000 sp4 database.

We have a webpage that connects to the database and works fine, but when we try to connect trough query analizer remotely to the server we get this error:

Msg 17, Level 16, State 1
The sql server does not exist or it has denied access

We where able to access the server before this reeboot.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Are you sure that the SQLServer service is set to start upon machine startup?  I suspect it is off.
lyanez30Author Commented:
Yes, it is set at Automatic in the services section, and it is up right now
lyanez30Author Commented:
on the sql services manager it is to on automaticaly start with the OS
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query analyzer on the same webserver or a different machine? Check your aliases and make sure they are correct if you use them.
lyanez30Author Commented:
I´m connecting via the internet through IP
This may be a silly question but have you tried restarting the SQLServer service?
can you ping the db server?  Does the user have permissions? is MSSQL running on a specific port or is it setup to be dynamic and you declare a specific port in your connection? double check your protocols used from the client and on the server.

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Most likely a Network issue.
Some patches reset services to start automatically like Windows Firewall.
lyanez30Author Commented:
I restarted the service several times with no luck.

I can ping the server just fine, good times too, the user has all permissions the MSSQL server is running on port 1433.

I have tried looking for the protocols you mention but cant find them.

I've run into a network configuration button on the general tab, it has TCP/IP and name activated

On the windows services panel i deactivated the ICS firewall service, so no windows firewall is running, i have no other firewall installed.

I installed Toad and it cannot connect either.
lyanez30Author Commented:
Also on Event Viewer I have a SuperSocket: (SpnRegister) : Error 1355 warning.

I have no Active Directory on this server, so I dont know if it is related
lyanez30Author Commented:
This is recent, if I authenticate the users though windows, they can connect.

I did this using windows explorer with the url \\serverip and giving nt user credentials

Unfortunately not all computers accepted this
So IIS is in Windows Authentication Mode.
IF this is turned on, It will ask for credentials and fail if they don't Authenitcate.
EVEN if everyone has full control
I need to know more about the environment before making a recommendation.
But that would not affect QA to Port 1433.
Can you open that port using TELNET?
Can you see the instance using profiler or permon to check whether the the connection gets that far?
or confirm that something is blocking between you and SQL

lyanez30Author Commented:
Alas, sorry for the fuss, turns out my ISP blocked ports 1433 and 1434, I have talked to them and they ageed to unblock it for my server.

Thank you all for your support
lyanez30Author Commented:
Thank you for your support
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