Convert string to PWideChar

I need to convert string variable to PWideChar (Delphi 5). I tried few examples found on the net, but they do not work. Sample code I need is:

  S: string;
  PW: PWideChar;
S := Application.ExeName;
convert S --> PW
CreateProcessWithToken (newToken, 0, PW, nil, 0, nil, nil, si, pi);

where CreateProcessWithToken is described in my other question

When I convert S to PW and call CreateProcessWithToken i get error codes (GetLastError) like:
1783  - The stub received bad data
1734 - The array bounds are invalid

But when I compile
CreateProcessWithToken (newToken, 0, 'C:\Borland\Delphi\Projects\P1\project1.exe', nil, 0, nil, nil, si, pi);
it works correctly.
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you first typecast string to widestring and then widestring to pwidechar :)

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or simply define:
s: WideString;
then you have to do only one typecast
pw := PWideChar(s);

With extended syntax enabled ({$X+}), you can assign a string constant to a statically allocated zero-based character array. (Dynamic arrays won't work for this purpose.) If you initialize an array constant with a string that is shorter than the declared length of the array, the remaining characters are set to #0.

so, an easy conversion would to do the following

  TFileName = array[0..259] of WideChar;

  Filename: TFilename;

Filename := Application.Exename;  
CreateProcessWithToken (newToken, 0, Filename, nil, 0, nil, nil, si, pi);


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JosephGlosz first of all extended syntax is enabled by default and it's not recommended to disable it, second thing is that CreateProcessWithToken requires null terminated string so before putting there any values it's better to use FillChar(Filename, size_of_array, 0), third thing is that there is predefined constant called MAX_PATH so I would suggest declaration array[0..MAX_PATH] of WideChar and finally your code gives "incompatybile types" compiler error

Bart_MichaelAuthor Commented:
Thank You all for posting. Of course your solutions work, but I have another bug in CreateProcessWithToken parameters, because it behaves strange.

Best regards
open a new question and giv emore info (specifically how you declared your parameters and how you filled si.
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