Trying to install old JDK

I am trying to install the old Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_18, due to that I want to have it to make sure I am compatible with our build system. However, it always complains that the JVM is running. What shall I do? I have changed the JAVA_home and removed Java from the system path and rebooted. It still think the JVM is running. Any clue what how it is running and from where?
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svelarsenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can it be the java update manager that are running in the system tray?
Whats operating system here? If its unix, you can this command,

ps -aef | grep java

to see running java processes.
mdolandAuthor Commented:
I am running it on Windows XP unfortunately.
mdolandAuthor Commented:
It was the updater, but it wasn't located in the tray. I started process explorer.
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