Destination Host Unreachable

I am stumped.
I have a machine that cannot conect to the internet.
Windows XP SP2.
In CMD i can release and renew the IP address.
I can ping the Gateway/DHCP/DNS Servers.
I cannot ping out to any internet site, all i get back from the ping is a "Destination Host Unreachable" error.
I am an IT tech and i commonly deal with network issues like this, but this has never happened to me before.
If i boot the machine in safe mode with networking and i can get out to the internet and ping sites.
if i tracert while in safemode the hops come back and it connects ok.
if i tracert in normal boot, the only hop i get back is a Destination host unreachable error.
if i "route print" in CMD i can see that the gateways and DHCP's are all ok.
it shows that for any address, it will connect to my gateway and resolve through my DHCP.
also if i ping a site, it shows that it connects through my DHCP and resolves the address.
This is really bothering me and i appreciate any help.
Other things i have tried:
-putting in a different NIC card
-updating NIC drivers
-rolling back NIC drivers
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Also... Was mcafee or norton installed on this machine?  If so you will need to run the removal tools...
When trying to ping a host outside of your network are you using an IP address or hostname?
Sounds like a firewall either built in or added on.  Is there one installed or activated?
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If it works in safe mode but doesn't whilst you boot normally it means that something is blocking. Check if you have accidently multiple firewalls installed (MS Firewall + something?).
Check the TCPIP driver (see eventlog if it failed to load?) as that would cause the behaviour you mentioned. Also check if the protocols are checked in the network props.
Have you tried to run the winsock fix?
Any chance this is running Windows XP SP3?

I saw something similar with SP3 a few times; overinstalled with original XP CD, and all worked fine again... haven't tried SP3 on these machine since.
If you have physical connectivity in one software configuration, as evidenced through the successful ping or tracrt,  and none in the other I would suspect that a program is "managing" your connection.
... Something with SP3 and registry settings -- I did take several hours to crawl through the registry with limited success (only google would resolve correctly afterward ... better than nothing)... but ended up overinstalling.
JordanMrazekAuthor Commented:
when i try to ping an outside host i have used both an IP and a host name such as
the only active firewall is Windows Firewall and i disabled that and tested, it still happens.
i checked the eventlog and it is clean, no driver failures.
it is Definitly SP2, i declined the SP3 update.
norton antivirus is on the machine but not the firewall.
i will try re-installing norton and remove it using my removal tool.

After you do that remember to fix winsock.  (important)
JordanMrazekAuthor Commented:
Issue Resolved.
Norton Anti-virus was causing the issue.
for whatever reason.
Thank You zgiuffria.
JordanMrazekAuthor Commented:
Thank You.
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