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SMS 2003 and Disaster Recovery Site

dgirl365 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-21
I was wondering if anyone could give me some design advice.

On my production network I have an SMS primary site installed (Site A) and an SMS secondary site (Site B) for SMS.  There are live services with workstations and servers at both sites which require managment via SMS.  

I am looking to implement a DR solution at Site B in the event that Site A is no longer available.  What should I do with my SMS installation ?  I assume that the secondary site will not continue to function correctly without the Primary site in place - eg distribute software, perform workstation builds.  In the event of DR, would I need to build a new primary site or would the secondary site be able to still function ?  I assume if I build a new primary site at Site B, this would cause issues with the existing installation.  What do other people do at their sites ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Your secondary site will not continue to work as you already guessed, because it depends on the primary site. A secondary site doesn't have its own database, it is using the primary sites database.

What you have to do is uninstall the secondary site and install a new primary site and set it as a child to your Site A.


Thanks for the reply.  I guessed as much !!!

I wanted to ask if the following was an option :

The Primary site SMS server is a Virtual Server.  I intend to use Site Recovery Manager which will essentially replicate the server over to Site B.  In the event of a DR situation, could I change the IP address of the primary site SMS server to match site B network topology and amend DNS to reflect new IP ?  My primary site boundary is set by Type Active Directory, which would be available at Site B.

I know this may all sound too simple but if there is a simpler solution then installing a new primary site, that would be easier for me, especially with the ability to replicate my servers across the network.
The problem is still that Site B is a secondary site and depend on Site A so I must say, no thats not an option.

I would install a new primare site side by side to the secondary. Move the site boundaries to the new primary site. Just make sure to remove the boundaries from the secondary site!
Then assign the clients to that site and finally connect it as an child primary to Site A. After that, remove the secondary site.


.... I am also guessign I would have to complete some work around AD Sites and Services.
Yes, either that or use IP boundaries if you don't want to create another AD site for the remote office


What if Site A Primary site server is not available in the event of DR ?  Will I still be able to install a new site at Site B ?


or .... what If I unistall Site B secondary install and make site A primary the SMS server for both Site A and Site B by adding the Site B into my Site Boundary ?
On the first question., yes. You first install a new primare site and after the installation is done you attach it to either a parent och child site.

second question...I'm not sure I understand the question.
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