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2008 dcpromo /domainprep /gpprep fails on Windows 2000 Server

Posted on 2008-09-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-05
Trying to migrate to 2008 and for some reason, dcpromo /domainprep /gpprep is failing on a 2000 domain controller.  /forestprep and /domainprep both went just fine however /domainprep /gpprep is failing with the following:

Adprep was unable to complete because the call back function failed.

Any ideas?
Question by:craigothy
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Expert Comment

ID: 22598068
Try disabling your anti-virus software and then trying again

Author Comment

ID: 22598112
Yes, it is currently disabled.  I did that before running forestprep.
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Author Comment

ID: 22599059
Here is the output from dcdiag /v

Domain Controller Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   * Verifying that the local machine SPRAG1, is a DC.
   * Connecting to directory service on server SPRAG1.
   * Collecting site info.
   * Identifying all servers.
   * Found 2 DC(s). Testing 1 of them.
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\SPRAG1
      Starting test: Connectivity
         * Active Directory LDAP Services Check
         * Active Directory RPC Services Check
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test Connectivity

Doing primary tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\SPRAG1
      Starting test: Replications
         * Replications Check
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test Replications
      Test omitted by user request: Topology
      Test omitted by user request: CutoffServers
      Starting test: NCSecDesc
         * Security Permissions Check for
         * Security Permissions Check for
         * Security Permissions Check for
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test NCSecDesc
      Starting test: NetLogons
         * Network Logons Privileges Check
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test NetLogons
      Starting test: Advertising
         The DC SPRAG1 is advertising itself as a DC and having a DS.
         The DC SPRAG1 is advertising as an LDAP server
         The DC SPRAG1 is advertising as having a writeable directory
         The DC SPRAG1 is advertising as a Key Distribution Center
         The DC SPRAG1 is advertising as a time server
         The DS SPRAG1 is advertising as a GC.
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test Advertising
      Starting test: KnowsOfRoleHolders
         Role Schema Owner = CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Servers,CN=Default-Fi
         Role Domain Owner = CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Servers,CN=Default-Fi
         Role PDC Owner = CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First
         Role Rid Owner = CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First
         Role Infrastructure Update Owner = CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Server
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test KnowsOfRoleHolders
      Starting test: RidManager
         * Available RID Pool for the Domain is 3603 to 1073741823
         * SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org is the RID Master
         * DsBind with RID Master was successful
         * rIDAllocationPool is 3103 to 3602
         * rIDNextRID: 3309
         * rIDPreviousAllocationPool is 3103 to 3602
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test RidManager
      Starting test: MachineAccount
         * SPN found :LDAP/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org/Hsvutil.org
         * SPN found :LDAP/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         * SPN found :LDAP/SPRAG1
         * SPN found :LDAP/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org/HSVUTIL
         * SPN found :LDAP/c24fc27f-6be3-4a0d-b5a9-e06b312aab9b._msdcs.Hsvutil.o
         * SPN found :E3514235-4B06-11D1-AB04-00C04FC2DCD2/c24fc27f-6be3-4a0d-b5
         * SPN found :HOST/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org/Hsvutil.org
         * SPN found :HOST/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         * SPN found :HOST/SPRAG1
         * SPN found :HOST/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org/HSVUTIL
         * SPN found :GC/SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org/Hsvutil.org
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test MachineAccount
      Starting test: Services
         * Checking Service: Dnscache
         * Checking Service: NtFrs
         * Checking Service: IsmServ
         * Checking Service: kdc
         * Checking Service: SamSs
         * Checking Service: LanmanServer
         * Checking Service: LanmanWorkstation
         * Checking Service: RpcSs
         * Checking Service: RPCLOCATOR
         * Checking Service: w32time
         * Checking Service: TrkWks
         * Checking Service: TrkSvr
         * Checking Service: NETLOGON
         * Checking Service: Dnscache
         * Checking Service: NtFrs
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test Services
      Test omitted by user request: OutboundSecureChannels
      Starting test: ObjectsReplicated
         SPRAG1 is in domain DC=Hsvutil,DC=org
         Checking for CN=SPRAG1,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=Hsvutil,DC=org in domai
n DC=Hsvutil,DC=org on 1 servers
            Object is up-to-date on all servers.
         Checking for CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SPRAG1,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Sit
e-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=Hsvutil,DC=org in domain CN=Configuration,DC
=Hsvutil,DC=org on 1 servers
            Object is up-to-date on all servers.
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test ObjectsReplicated
      Starting test: frssysvol
         * The File Replication Service Event log test
         The SYSVOL has been shared, and the AD is no longer
         prevented from starting by the File Replication Service.
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test frssysvol
      Starting test: kccevent
         * The KCC Event log test
         Found no KCC errors in Directory Service Event log in the last 15 minut
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test kccevent
      Starting test: systemlog
         * The System Event log test
         Found no errors in System Event log in the last 60 minutes.
         ......................... SPRAG1 passed test systemlog

   Running enterprise tests on : Hsvutil.org
      Starting test: Intersite
         Skipping site Default-First-Site-Name, this site is outside the scope
         provided by the command line arguments provided.
         ......................... Hsvutil.org passed test Intersite
      Starting test: FsmoCheck
         GC Name: \\SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         Locator Flags: 0xe00003fd
         PDC Name: \\SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         Locator Flags: 0xe00003fd
         Time Server Name: \\SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         Locator Flags: 0xe00003fd
         Preferred Time Server Name: \\SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         Locator Flags: 0xe00003fd
         KDC Name: \\SPRAG1.Hsvutil.org
         Locator Flags: 0xe00003fd
         ......................... Hsvutil.org passed test FsmoCheck

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>
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Expert Comment

by:Darius Ghassem
ID: 22599197
I don't see anything wrong in the dcdiag. Can you post the adprep log?


Author Comment

ID: 22599269
see attached..
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Expert Comment

by:Henrik Johansson
ID: 22599303
Use adprep.exe located on Windows Server 2008 media. It's important that you use correct version of adprep.exe

adprep/domainprep /gpprep

Also see following link:
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Expert Comment

by:Darius Ghassem
ID: 22599319
What seems to be going on is that adprep can't find the infrastructure master FSMO role. Do you know what server is holding this FMSO role? Can you move the FSMO role without error to another DC? If you are still having problems with this role you might will have to seize the role.

Author Comment

ID: 22599322
Yes, that is what we are using.  We have copied the \sources directory from the 2008 CD locally to the Windows 2000 server and are running it from c:\sources\adprep.

Author Comment

ID: 22599370
There does not appear to be a problem with the role.  I transferred it and then transferred it back without any errors whatsoever.  /domainprep /gpprep still fails with the same reason.
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Accepted Solution

Darius Ghassem earned 2000 total points
ID: 22599407

Author Comment

ID: 22605924
The registry key is what seemed to be the issue.  Made the changes and /domainprep /gpprep worked fine.  Thanks!

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