Joomla rights issue for admin user, help needed

Dear Sir,

I have my site where I have installed Joomla from the Hosting Control Panel. Than I have installed RocketTheme template. Than when I tried logging in from the admin and try to change the pages and upload the custom images it says the directory is not writable.

So I have asked question to Rocket Theme company expert. They said they have to install the Joomla+Template which they provide.

That also I have done to my site and first uploaded the zip file.
than logged in as root user into the VPS server
than went to respected directory of mysite where joomla zip file required to be unzip
than I installed joomla with build in Catalyst Theme
than when I logged into the Admin from the back room or administrator area and went to make changes to the code and tries to upload files to the Image folder but it is giving me error that Directory or File is NOT WRITEABLE.

So I have Administrator user
I have FTP user
I have root user
I have database user

now how should I make this things enabled, I need help in this regard so my sites can start running perfectly.

Thanks in advance
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

What are the permissions and users of the directory? The user should be "Nobody" and the permissions should be 644.
atulmodiAuthor Commented:

Thanks for prompt reply, Earlier the user was ROOT now I have changed to my FTP user it is not "Nobody"
should I do that?

Do I have to to do for all Directories and Files?

and directory is having 755 and files are having 644.

So how should I work with this.

Please guide more on USER type or Name of user
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
What is the user and group of your folder? Could you please do a '#ls -la' and paste the output of the folder.
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atulmodiAuthor Commented:
the user is "c@@###%%" group is "col###%%"

this are ftp user name

this is not a root
atulmodiAuthor Commented:
how to past output of folder means what is command for it.
atulmodiAuthor Commented:
drwsr-xr-x    2 coldsg99 coldsg99     4096 Sep 10 16:42 css/
drwsr-xr-x    3 coldsg99 coldsg99     4096 Sep 10 16:42 html/
drwsr-xr-x   10 coldsg99 coldsg99     4096 Sep 10 16:42 images/
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99    11179 Apr 29 23:23 index.php
drwsr-xr-x    2 coldsg99 coldsg99     4096 Sep 10 16:42 js/
-rw-r--rw-    1 coldsg99 coldsg99      556 Sep 29 19:51 params.ini
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99     3912 May 12 23:29 rt_head_includes.php
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99     1386 Apr 28 22:18 rt_styleloader.php
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99     1804 Apr 29 16:03 rt_styleswitcher.php
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99     2057 Apr 29 19:19 rt_tabmodules.php
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99     2715 Apr 27 21:11 rt_utils.php
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99    10334 May  2 11:50 templateDetails.xml
-rw-r--r--    1 coldsg99 coldsg99    39008 Apr 30 12:47 template_thumbnail.png
Hi, did you install using rocket launcher or just upgrade to catalyst from the basic Joomla installation as generally Rocket launcher will configure write permissions during the installation.

Checked out your site, nice...........although I'd advise that when you edit the content that you turn off tiny mice particularly when editing modules or articles that contain script as the WYSIWYG will always strip the script from the content.

Your header doesn't contain the bounce effect on the header, if you replace the code you have there with the following it should revert back the correct effect, but remember to turn off the editor first!

Hope this helps.


Advert1 module:
<div class="featured-1 png"></div> <span class="featured-header">Why Use Us?</span><span class="featured-desc">We are the absolute best at what we do!</span>
Advert2 module:
<div class="featured-2 png"></div><span class="featured-header">What We Do</span><span class="featured-desc">Create the best materials for your business</span>
Advert3 module:
<div class="featured-3 png"></div><span class="featured-header">Watch a Demo</span><span class="featured-desc">Learn more about what we have to offer</span>
Advert4 module:
<div class="featured-4 png"></div><span class="featured-header">Get in Touch</span><span class="featured-desc">Contact us now to start growing your business</span>

Open in new window

atulmodiAuthor Commented:

Thanks, I have installed the theme verison only that means from Rocket Launcher only. They told me that you have to install their version only.
I need one thing to know that what do you mean by bounce effect which you mentioned in your last para.

Can you please explain?
Yes if you check out my website which also uses Catalyst and look at the header image , allow your mouse to hover over the words, why use us, what we do etc, you will notice that the images bounce a little!!

Unfortunately yours do not which I believe is because you have edited them with WYSIWYG switched on, this is the norm for rocket theme templates, any module that incorperates a custom graphical feature must be edited with TM turned off!!

atulmodiAuthor Commented:
The code is still there.

But if you have idea than I need help.

I'm sorry,

just ellaborate did you use Rocket Launcher to install or was this a template upgrade from a basic Joomla install?

atulmodiAuthor Commented:
I installed Rocket Launcher to install.
atulmodiAuthor Commented:
I have learned few things from this and I think this will help me throughout my life with linux based system.

atulmodiAuthor Commented:
This was good solution
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