How do I create the .MSI file?

I have gone through the steps to acquire the AdbeRdr90_en_US_Std.exe installation file so that I can deploy it across my network.  I can find all of the references about how to deploy Acrobat Reader 9 via GPO, but everything refers to using the .MSI file.

How do I obtain or create the .MSI file?
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Check this directory after you install the .EXE onto your PC. The MSI should be there.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Setup Files\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A90000000001}

The Adobe Reader exe actually includes an MSI which you can grab during the initial installation you can then use the Adobe Customization Wizard to create an MST removing things like the EULA etc..
For more information I highly recommend you look at and bookmark AppDeploy it's a great site for packaging applications, with alot of information coming from others in the community.

AppDeploy Adobe Reader 9.x Package Knowledge Base

Adobe Customization Wizard 9
Andres PeralesCommented:
By default Windows does not come with an MSI package maker, you will have to use a thirdparty tool, here is one that is free:
Another that is bought comes with SMS or SCCM
Vadim RappCommented:
> How do I obtain or create the .MSI file?
On reader download page, click "distribute"; you will be brought to the page where you will have to agree to be spammed by adobe and their partners.  Submit the application, then wait until it's approved.

Once you are approved, follow

Alternatively, you can go to and download the exe from there.

I'd like to note however that the quality of their msi is on par with their gall to require the "application" to redistribute. Don't know about v.9, but v.7 and 8 I actually repackaged before distributing in my network.
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I just worked to get Adobe Flash Player installed and am working on Adobe Reader 9.  

vadimrapp1 was a big help with my install and is dead-on with Reader 9.  So far with what I have come across, it's not very easy.  Thanks Adobe.
Vadim RappCommented:
if it's not urgent, you can wait until I repackage this one as well. Probably 1-2 weeks.
Find the directory where you downloaded and saved Adobe Reader 9.exe.  Then go

<path to>\Adberdr90_en_us.exe nos_oReader9install  -nos_ne


c:\adobe\Adberdr90_en_us.exe nos_oReader9install  -nos_ne
Wow....  Let me try that without the dorked up characters.
<path to>\Adberdr90_en_us.exe -nos_o"Reader9Install"-nos_ne

On my desktop was the folder, "Adobe Reader 9 Installer".  I opened it up and under Reader9 was the msi file.

Here is the document I found the info at.  I just ran it and it works!

Good luck!

Thanks!  Glad you found a workable solution. Take care!
I pulled that msi package out of that folder after installing adboe9 and i applyed it in group policy.  It just uninstalls everything Adobe.  I dont know what I am doing wrong.  Can anyone help with this.

are you talking about adobe reader or flashplayer?
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