Crystal Reports Charting - How to only display a visible number of x axis labels but still show all datapoint values

Hi Experts,
    Just wondering if there is a way with a Crystal Reports Chart to show only a range of x-axis labels but still show all data points in the line chart itself.  For example I have 160 collected data point but when trying to render the x-axis labels there are so many it is not legible.  Is there a way  to only show say 12-15 of these labels without losing all of the points in between from displaying on the line chart?
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Have you tried it thus far?

You can formt the X-Axis to show on;y major points.

dbedooAuthor Commented:
For clarification   (I wasn't entirely clear)
I need evaluate the number of records and if recordCount > 12   say 45
I only want to display 12 labels

Where do I find this option and what determines a "y major point"
currently it displays labels for all points
When you say labels do you mean on the axis or on the data itself?

Right click the chart
Click Chart expert
I think one of the tabs is the AXES tab

If it isn't there then try FORMAT CHART or CHART OPTIONS

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dbedooAuthor Commented:
the axis labels...

what is the difference between major point and minor points...   I understand major and minor ticks and markers but not points?  
I checked Chart Expert
    on Axes tab there are options for gridlines, data value (axis ranges) and number of divisions
No options seemed relavant to the x-axis labels

When you right click on the labels themselves you get
Format Axis Label
Chart Options
Group (X) Axis Options

the only option of any use here was

group (x) ->layout and by selecting skip group labels enables me to skip intervals aof labels but I would need to control this programmatically depending on the number of records(data points).  This isn't a problem as Im developing in VB.NET and genrate the report in a method but Im not exactly sure what properties would achieve this.

It sounds like you are referrring to something I haven't found in the options.
dbedooAuthor Commented:
Man I just came across these 2 posts and this does not sound good


One of which you answered.  I have tons of data so I need to be able to control this based on the number of records.  If this is truly a limitation this product is worthless to me and I just wasted $300 bucks.  Im working with large numbers of records and I convinced my work to buy it for me for charting purposes because its so much easier than working with OWC(which does support dynamic labeling support) and it was relatively cheap.

It is Crystal Reports 2008 so hopefully they have some sort of fix for this.  It seems ridiculous that it has little or not .NET functionality.

Anyways sorry for my rants...   what do you think, am I screwed here?  
Are you putting labels on the data points or are you talking about the axes values?

If it is the data values in the chart then as far as I can tell it is all or nothing.

dbedooAuthor Commented:
LOL  axes values YES   DataPoint No     but my datapoints generate the x-axes labels

I figured out one workaround but Im not happy about it.
what you do is right click on an xaxis label  go to x axis options
select skip intervals(BUT YOU MUST BE IN PREVIEW MODE) in order to select more than 2 --  bug maybe

so in my vb code I can evaluate the # of records and make several copies of the report for different numbers of records(datapoints)  Although this is a very annoying work around at least its something.  It sure would be nice to control this programmatically in VB  but after searching for 2 hours now I am skeptical.
One thing to look at is the enhanced charting add-on.


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dbedooAuthor Commented:
Yes agreed as I said in the other post this looks like a promising product but $500 bucks is too much to add this small piece of functionality when I just purchased crystal for $300...   $100 bucks might be worth it
I asked Dan from Three-D to look at the questiion to see if he knows a way.

dbedooAuthor Commented:
ok my work around sucks due to having 20 separate reports having to make 25 separate files for each of the 20 making a grand total 500 files to handle this limitation...   I scoured google looking for anyone with any kind of workaround for this and every of this option and I can't seem to figure any other way othen to change the grouping on the x data....   which is unacceptable for this project.  All data points must be visible...  by the labels on the x-axis must be scaled. Looks like I may have to turn back to old POS OWC to make this happen :-(   Ne word from Dan?
Dan WeingartAuthor / CRChartCommented:
Sorry, but this is a big flaw in CR. They don't have a way to do x-axis label layout dynamically at printtime.  So you an right click at design time and "Auto arrange". Or you can statically set a skip factor at design time.   But to truly do what you want you would need our CRChart product, which DOES have this capability.

Glad you found a way, even if sucky, to do what you want.


DISCLAIMER: I work for the company,, that makes this product. This product costs money.
dbedooAuthor Commented:
Dan,  I'm very interested in CR Chart it looks very promising but the product cost $200 more than the Crystal Reports itself.  Do they offer any other options, like buying that particular macro only?  I would love to try this product out and possibly buy it in the future, but I don't have enough budget left in this project to purchase the seat license right now.
dbedooAuthor Commented:
Also I downloaded the demo and tried to use the @xskip macro and Im not sure how do do this in VB code behind because I have no access to CRAXDRT.GraphObject..   I tried including te dll with no luck... also in crystal 2008 the dll is called CRAXDDRT.dll I also tried to reference it by that with no luck any suggestions?  How would I change the x-axis values dynamicall at runtime via the macro?
Dan WeingartAuthor / CRChartCommented:
sure. please post your questions about CRChart on OUR message board or send them directly to and I will be happy to work with you!

dbedooAuthor Commented:
FYI - another poor work around I figured out is create multiple report header sections each with the copy of the chart setting each skip group labels option in each header sections chart and based on the range of the number of records and supress as necessary.
dbedoo -  Since Dan3D confirmed and then expanded on my suggestion, this question should probably have been a split of the points.

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