Shares after domain migration

If I were to take a file server on Domain A, unjoin it to a workgroup, then join it to a new Domain B... what would happen to the file shares? Would the shares still exist? Would it simply be a matter of recreating the permissions based on Domain B users?

What about Printer Shares? Same deal? If the Everyone group had Full Control, would the shared Printers be good to go automatically?
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AmericomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes is with the server. But permission in shares with 'Everyone" or local account will retain but the domain account or groups will show SID.

You can also move shares between servers assuming you have the same folder structure.
AmericomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
btw, printer should still be the same if it's the same OS. It just that the shares are the only thing needed.
AmericomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, other than the printer share permisson, you may want to look at the Security permission as for user/group in previous domain also will be meaningless.
bkrontzAuthor Commented:
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