Sharing folders with Macs

Hello Experts,

I had to re-install Windows 2003 on one of my servers.  When sharing folders, I go into the 'Shared Folders' snap-in and select 'New Share'  in the past it has asked me at one point if I wanted to also shared it with Macs.  Now it no longer does that.

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bhnmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The mac should not need anything extra. Just use SMB. You are probably referring to the appletalk protocol which used to have to be installed for MAc clients to connect.
thewayne73Author Commented:
you may be correct.  but in the past, if i did not share the folder that way, some of our mac users would get some funky characters for file names.
thewayne73Author Commented:
any other suggestions or comments?
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