Windows Server 2003 - Log file monitoring and response - Efficient blocking of malicious IP's

I need to setup a log file monitoring solution. I can spend 5-15 hours programming one or I can use an existing one (preferred).

I need a response to occur when a malicious IP address is hitting my server.

The response would hopefully install an IP filter to block the IP or at least send me an email alerting me to what is occurring.

Any thoughts?

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hamlin11Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, hamlin11 - you should write a program that sends you an email when an anomaly is detected. The log files are text-based so you may as well monitor them yourself.
Why not use standard blacklists.
What e-mail software and version?
hamlin11Author Commented:
hmailserver - latest version
hamlin11Author Commented:
any thoughts?
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