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I created four images to use in an attempt to do the thrashbox  instructed at www.vertexworks.com/tests/sidebox.  My thrashbox http://gotyips.com/elgg works well with the images I created when I use IE 7, but not with Firefox 3.  You will find the header separated from the main box in Firefox.  Any idea/reason why, please?
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are not the first person to EE with problems with this blue gneiss theme.  Just because it is on the web doesn't mean it is any good, or X-browser compatible.  I believe it getting a rounded box that works, not spending time trying to fix one that is badly coded, as this one seems to be.  I would look elsewhere, as even the rounded corners don't show any good (gray spotty background) in firefox.  Alternatives --

http://www.neuroticweb.com/recursos/css-rounded-box/  -- you should try this online generator, great
http://www.roundedcornr.com/    -- and this one, looks much better than what you have right now

The last one has nice shadow -- all of them are ready to go, and better than this flaky blue gneiss theme

Guessing it has to do with this: padding: 22px 30px 5px; that is applied to the h2.

First of all, you should never use 3 values. Use 1, 2, or 4 values for padding.

1 value = all.
2 values = top/bottom left/right.
4 values = top, right, bottom, left.

3 values = bad code :-/ and "could" be causing the rendering error in FireFox. Try applying overflow: hidden to #boxhead.
danfiggolfAuthor Commented:
I've tried 1/2/ and 4 values.  Different px values, including just 0, but still unable to bring the connection of he boxhead h2 to connect to the box, with Firefox.
danfiggolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Scrathcyboy - I'm working with your suggestion, and have attempted: http://www.roundedcornr.com/rc5.php

The problem I see and don't understand is why the top right corner is showing the side border as straight and not rounding?

Your help is appreciated. www.gotyips.com/elgg
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