PHP copy only 10 files from one directory to another

Posted on 2008-09-29
Last Modified: 2013-12-12
Linux server, running apache and PHP.

Have a directory on the server called START.  START has lots (thousands) of PDF files copied into it daily.

Have PHP script that is working that copies ALL pdf file from the START directory to END directory, based on a variable and the filename of the pdf.  What I need to do is edit my script so that UP TO 10 files are copies at once, but not more than 10.  However, it is possible that there would be less than 10, based on the variable.

Let me explain.

The PDF files are named with 3 number a hyphen and one number,  like this

So when I run my script, the PHP code has a value of the variable $name which may be a value such as 144.  So the PHP script looks at all of the documents in the START folder, and copies any pdf file to the END directory that has 144 before the "-" in the file name.  

This code is working now.

The problem is that I might have 100 PDF files that start with 144, but I only want to copy 10 of them each time PHP script runs.  Right now the PHP script copies all files that have 144 as the first part of the file name.

Please help me edit my existing code to only allow up to 10 copies based on matching the value of $name.  

Note that if there are only 7 filenames that match the value of $name, that is fine - I want all 7 to be copied to the END folder.  So up to 10 files copied each time the script runs, but no more than 10 matching files.

$files = glob("/start/*.pdf");
		foreach($files as $filename) {
                $base = basename($filename, ".pdf");
		$base2 = basename($filename);
		$file = explode("-", $base);
                if($name == $file[0]) {
		$newLocation = '/end/' . $base2;
  		copy($filename, $newLocation);

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The only problem I see here is that you aren't moving the files - just copying them. That means that after the ten are copied, they will still be there and copied over and over. So you should probably either move them, or delete them after being copied.

I'd just add a counter to my foreach, and when it == 10 break;

Seems like you didn't paste all of your code though.
$files = glob("/start/*.pdf");
$counter = 0;
foreach ($files as $filename) {
	if ($counter == 10)
	$base = basename($filename, ".pdf");
	$base2 = basename($filename);
	$file = explode("-", $base);
	if($name == $file[0]) {
		$newLocation = '/end/' . $base2;
		copy($filename, $newLocation);

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hernst42 earned 200 total points
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You can also use a while loo pinstead of foreach and using an improved glob the code can be reduced to:
$numfiles = 0;
$files = glob("/start/$name-*.pdf");
while ($filename = each($files) && $numfiles++ < 10) {
            $base2 = basename($filename);
            $newLocation = '/end/' . $base2;
            copy($filename, $newLocation);

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