cisco rate limiting

I'm trying to setup a few rate limit commands within MQC. I need to limit all outgoing traffic in default class to 2mbit, any outgoing traffic travelling on port 104 to 1.3mbit

Commands on the WAN interface are:
rate-limit output access-group 104 1300000 243750 487500 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
rate-limit output 2000000 375000 75000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

Access List
access-list 104 remark Medical Images travelling on port 104
access-list 104 permit tcp any any eq 104
access-list 104 permit tcp any eq 104 any
access-list 104 permit udp any any eq 104
access-list 104 permit udp any eq 104 any

Will the above comnads work? How does the router know which rate-limit to use first? and I missing commands?

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I posted in your other question.
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