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hello there,

i have written an java application using swing,sql server 2005 db.i want to know can i install it in the central office and other offices(another city) be able to connect to it and use the application.what are the things i need and things i need to take into consideration.appreciate your suggestions.

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manuel_mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to install your Java application in other offices you must make sure that you have access to the database (internet). Of cource Java has to be installed on the client machines.

I would recommend to provide your application as WebStart. With this option all the users have the same version and you are able to provide updates with small effort.

For the webstart version you need a server that can provide your application from a website. The user can click on a link and downloads the necessary components.
I would recommend that all the users have the same Java version installed. We ran into a problem that occurred on our Webstart application because our clients used an older update version of Java 1.6. But its not a must.
You also have to consider the security settings for a Webstart application.

Java Webstart:
zolfAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your comments.
what server do i need to use and can you please guide me or provide any links where i can know how to setup the jnlp so other office sites can access the application.
another question i have is about database transaction.i mean two users are trying to access same the sense one is updating and another is viewing.
If your application connects to the central database, then you have open the port of the database for public use.
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zolfAuthor Commented:

>>then you have open the port of the database for public use.
where is this done
It should be done from your network firewall, where you need to open the port. Its typically
not a good practice to do that though...
manuel_mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Official Java Webstart FAQ:

A Java Webstart FAQ:

A short Webstart Tutorial:

If the application is started with Webstart and is located in the same network where the database is located there is no need to open the port of the database.
This is only needed when the central database has to be connected via Internet. Or am I wrong?
> This is only needed when the central database has to be connected via Internet. Or am I wrong?
You are not wrong. I have told the same thing, if you look at the comments above.
Oh, I see. Didn't realize it. :-)
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